World-class connections

At the Advisory Board Centre, we take great care in curating our professional membership.

That process has helped us build an international peer network of experienced executives, entrepreneurs and industry leaders with global experience and connections.

Global Peer Advisory Group Chairs

It takes a community to nurture and support the sector. Get to know some of the dedicated individuals driving change and innovating practice in your area.

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Localised Professional Development

Driven by demand, diversity and localisation, the Advisory Board Centre recognises the power of collaboration in creating a robust and well represented advisory board profession around the world.

The Advisory Board Centre commenced its research mandate in 2012 and launched the world’s first professional body in 2017.  It currently operates with members in over 29 countries with key hubs in Asia, Middle East, Australia, United Kingdom & Europe and the Americas.

To truly support a global market, we recognised the needs of diversity in members, in particular culture and language.  We also recognise language has no borders.  The Advisory Board Centre works strategically with highly qualified professionals to localise the Certified Chair™ Executive Program content to ensure a broader audience can access the world’s leading certification for advisory board best practice.

The Certified Chair™ Executive Program is available in the following languages:

  • English
  • French