Driving research to improve practice.

The Global Research Council’s mission is to improve the application of advisory boards by undertaking analysis of scientific research and collaboration activities.

By providing a knowledge-sharing platform for academics to research this field, it creates access for best practice practitioners, governance board directors and thought leaders for the benefit of all.

Global Research Council Purpose

The Global Research Council takes an unbiased validation approach to the study of the role of advisory boards and examines what works and what does not to determine opportunities and limitations.

The role of the Global Research Council is to collect data, case studies and research. We collaborate equally with advisory board professionals, organisations and leading academics globally in the study of governance constraint, advisory boards effectiveness, adaptation of thinking systems and understanding business growth. The objective is to address the realisation of ‘Growth Potential and Good Governance’.





  • Knowledge Sharing

    Bringing together curated, practical and outcome focused research. This includes distribution of ‘Practitioner Summary’ quality academic papers, business and advisor data, case studies, impact assessments, research reports and content to understand the must-have insights into the sector.

  • Living Research

    Think Tanks, knowledge sharing, unbiased road testing and problem-solving in collaboration to dive deeper.

  • Innovation Partnerships

    Collaborating with like-minded and future focused organisations and institutions in exploring the new. This includes research partnerships, technical committees and collaboration frameworks.

Research Framework

The Advisory Board Centre supports the development, testing, validation and monitoring of best practice. To achieve this, our advisory board research framework supports the sector through independent assessment and sharing of knowledge and information.

As a professional body, our responsibility in our research is to constantly challenge and validate value being derived from advisory models for the business sector.

The Centre has an independent research committee that oversees the research agenda including primary and secondary research. Research findings a provided to the advisory community, government, industry groups and organisations.

Advocacy and Research Purpose

Advocacy and Research that we undertake including who we partner with, supports our purpose to provide a practical pathway for businesses to increase competitiveness, support faster innovation and drive economic impact through effective engagement with advisors.

What does this mean in practical terms? It is important to be clear on definitions, so we are purposeful in our approach to our voice and research parameters:

  • Increase Competitiveness

    Competitiveness is the ability to provide products and services as or more effectively and efficiently than the relevant competitors. This includes sustained success in international markets.

  • Faster Innovation

    Innovation is the catalyst to growth and survival, both when starting up and as a means to sustain performance. It means being open to new ideas, technology and unexplored markets, and making a commitment to adapt to change.

  • Drive Impact

    Impact examines the effect in a specified parameter, ranging from a single business to a macro environment. It can measures changes in business and social metrics.

  • Effective Advisor Engagement

    Advisor engagement examines the effectiveness of access, appointment method and outcomes from appointing an external advisor for an organisation.

Global Research Council Advisory Boards

The Global Research Council Advisory Boards have been formed as part of the agenda for living research. Collaboration with captains of industry enables advisory board professionals to be at the leading edge of thinking about the ‘future state’. Within the Advisory Board Centre community, advisory boards, special interest groups and forums are keeping advisory board practitioners up-to-date, current and deeply engaged with what matters most – the future.

Committees & Boards

The Advisory Board Centre harnesses the collective experience and insight of professionals to collaborate on research, strategic initiatives and market engagement. All of our advisory panels, committees, boards and think tanks are built on the ABF101 Advisory Best Practice Framework™ as a foundation and are contextualised to meet the specific advisory need.

The Advisory Board Centre acknowledges the contribution of the committee and board members to strengthen and professionalise the advisory sector.

Best Practice & Ethics Advisory Board

The Best Practice & Ethics Advisory Board Charter is to independently evaluate feedback of the ABF101 Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™ and the Ethics guidelines for members of the Advisory Board Centre.

Committee Members

Sandra Gamble (Chair)
Stuart Allinson
Dr Elizabeth Armstrong
Louise Broekman
Dr Michael Drew
Eduardo Esteva
Nigel Hennessy
Jane Beaumont

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