Discover the power of collective thinking.

An advisory board is like having your own specially selected team of independent experts on hand – and at a fraction of the cost of individual consultants.

Unlike a Board of Directors, they have no fiduciary responsibilities. They are problem-solvers, not decision-makers. Their role is to help you succeed by bringing the benefits of their wide-ranging experience and expertise to your business.

Giving businesses the edge through expertise, innovative thinking and enterprising boldness.

With the right mix of experts, a good advisory board empowers you to:

  • Uncover new opportunities for your business
  • Increase sales and productivity
  • Keep up-to-date with markets trends
  • Raise capital, refinance or restructure
  • Avoid potential pitfalls
  • Make profitable connections and partnerships
  • Plan for succession
  • Encourage and support new ideas
  • Challenge existing operations
  • Enhance the reputation of your organisation

Overview of Advisory Board roles

Most advisory boards are made up of three key roles:

The role of the chair is to establish and facilitate a formal advisory board structure that will support effective advisory board outcomes. This may include:

  • Establishing a new advisory board structure
  • Evaluating existing advisory board structures for effectiveness and best practice
  • Facilitating advisory board planning and meetings
  • Contributing value-driven insights and advice
  • Mentoring the business owner or executive

Our Advisory+ service can support your organisation to develop internal capability to Chair advisory boards or connect with independent Certified Chairs™ who are committed to best practice and ethical engagement.



Advisors may include internal representatives, stakeholders or external experts.  Advisory board members are selected for their knowledge and experience to solve problems, explore options and help shape strategic direction. Their role may include:

  • Contributing value-driven insights and advice to achieve the outcomes outlined in the charter
  • Working within the organisation’s approved guidelines to effect strategic introductions and advocacy.

Do you need support accessing advisors or upskilling your existing advisory board members on best practice?



Internal directors and stakeholders are directly linked to the business – often founders, directors, CEO’s, lead investors and other senior executives. They are also responsible for:

  • Establishing (or disbanding) an advisory board
  • Making the business decisions
  • Following through on their commitments and implementing plans.

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Ready to change the game?

Whether you’re starting up, scaling up or already established at the big end of town, one thing’s for sure – growing your business is a big priority. But imagine taking that goal one step further. Daring to dream. Finding an opportunity. Taking a risk. And striding ahead of the competition.

That’s where a professionally qualified advisory board can help. It puts a whole group of carefully chosen business leaders on your side. Different experts, with different experiences, and one thing in common – each one is committed to helping your business become more successful.

The Advisory Board Centre has all the help and support you need to get started.



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Connect with a global network of experienced advisors.

The Advisory Board Centre can offer you access to a global of network, best practice advisors and chairs, to support you along the way.



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Harnessing the power of an advisory board is often transformational for the business, its owners and executives.

To be able to capture that and have these really sophisticated but humble conversations with the finest minds is so powerful.

Louise Broekman
CEO, Founder & Certified Chair™