The United States of America is well known as the most technologically powerful economy in the world – at the forefront in computers, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and military equipment.

USA Overview

The country has a high per capita GDP of $59,500 and boasts a large share of large global companies. Business firms in the USA enjoy greater flexibility than their counterparts in Europe and Asia in decisions regarding capital, product development and innovation.

As a world leader in terms of international trade and investment, the country’s major export partners are Canada (18.3%), Mexico (13.4%), China (8.4%) and Japan (4.4%). Export commodities are mainly comprised of industrial supplies, capital goods, consumer goods and agricultural products.

Landscape and growth

Global State of the Market Report

In 2020, the Advisory Board Centre mapped professionals currently serving on Advisory Boards. This assessment identified over 940,000 professionals on Advisory Boards in USA or 45% of the global Advisory Board market. There is also a projected growth of 140% for the sector in the country.

USA’s Advisory Board Landscape

Research has indicated that there is a thriving Advisory Board market within the United States of America. Advisory Board professionals will have opportunities in the key market sectors including health, technology, non-durable manufacturing and construction.  Also, the business sector including SMEs, present strong future growth opportunities.

Future Growth Opportunities

The sector will continue to mature as the best practice community and Advisory Board credentials are obtained within the United States of America.

Key Statistics

Population 328.2m
GDP 21.43tn (USD)
Labour Force by occupation
GDP by sector
Import 3.214tn (USD)
Export 2.377tn (USD)
Global ease of doing business rank 6th (very easy)
Global ease of doing business score 92/100