Best practice matters

As the leading professional body for the advisory sector, we work collectively with our members to raise the standard of the global advisory sector – driving value for professionals and the organisations they serve.

Authenticity is our anchor in the work we do. From supporting the global advisory sector with a principles-led best practice foundation, to the joy that comes from sharing knowledge with others – our actions and words are congruent with our beliefs and values.

The Advisory Board Centre advantage

Whether you’re looking to start or expand an advisory board, or considering a seat on one, you won’t want to settle for anything but the best. The best practice, the best structure, the best standards and the best connections.

This is where the Advisory Board Centre excels. We are an independent, global professional body that has been specifically designed to provide a strong foundation, best-practice frameworks and professional excellence to support the rapidly growing advisory sector.

Our Certified Chair Executive Program is recognised globally as the most respected advisory board credentials.

We provide the world’s first executive education programs and formal credentials developed specifically for the advisory sector.

Global Network

We are the global leader in advisory board best practice, with a carefully selected network of business leaders in more than 27 countries.

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