Pursuing excellence and impact.

We have a number of initiatives that support our pursuit of excellence, diversity of thought, people and businesses, as well as our impact on the wider business community and the people that serve it. Our values are underpinned by several of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including “quality education”, “decent work and economic growth”, and “peace, justice and strong institutions.”

Community Impact

We are an impact organisation, so how we nurture and support the global advisory community and contribute to organisations of all sizes and stages is imperative to us. The following initiatives are two of the most rewarding initiatives we undertake:

Complimentary Advisor Concierge Service

The Advisor Concierge is a free service that helps businesses of all sizes connect with board-ready advisors and chairs to create an advisory board that is tailored to their needs. Each year, we commit $1m worth of services to help businesses scope and set up their advisory boards. We also support a diverse range of businesses from SME’s through to global corporates, including female-founded and indigenous businesses worldwide.

Community Chairs

We are a community-led organisation and we believe that self-sustaining communities ensure localisation and mutual support within local business ecosystems. To support this, we have appointed community chairs across the globe to provide our advisory board community with a support ecosystem that encompasses Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Greater China, Middle East and Europe.

Ethics & Best Practice

Ethics and best practice are at the core of everything we do. Below are some of our key initiatives to support this:

  • We undertake regular advocacy work to support the development of the sector at both industry and government levels. Examples of our advocacy work within the insurance industry and aged care are linked here.
  • We sponsor our Best Practice and Ethics Advisory Board to provide independent oversight of the sector to ensure it is in line with best practice and ethical standards.
  • We provide free ethics training to program managers globally so that they can ethically manage their business ecosystem, whether it be in an accelerator, business association, government agency or university.

Diversity in Thought, People and Business

We are strong advocates for diversity of thought and experience when it comes to advisory boards – this is best practice after all. As a result, this diversity of thought, people, and business filters through all that we do. Below are a few key initiatives we actively implement:

Supporting DIVERSITY in business and boards

We are committed to diverse representation on boards, as well as in our membership. We are proud to help business leaders access the diverse skills, knowledge and networks they need to increase competitiveness, foster innovation and drive economic impact through effective engagement with advisors.  We also recognise and support the value of diverse representation within advisory boards which is captured in the “Fit for Purpose” best practice principle.

Our Community

Our membership spans the globe and is made up of a diverse range of people from different backgrounds, cultures and areas of expertise. Our belief in thinking global and acting local ensures that our communities are self-supporting and deeply connected. We also invest in technology to enable our global community to connect with each other while still maintaining their independence in how they engage.

Scaling Businesses Scholarship

Each year, we commit AUD$150k to help business owners and leaders with high growth plans to build their leadership capacity and be more effective in achieving their strategic priorities through smart, scalable governance and advisory solutions.

This program accepts 60 businesses each year and provides a safe and protected environment for them to scale their business. This investment aims to drive economic impact and prosperity by equipping leaders with the skills they need to thrive in constantly changing and competitive business environments.

The program is open to businesses of all sizes with track records of having supported pre-revenue ventures through to $100m revenue, indigenous-owned businesses, female-founded businesses and more.

Our Partners

When you join the Advisory Board Centre, you’re joining a collaborative community of experienced professionals from some of the world’s biggest companies.

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