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Members of an advisory board are chosen for their expertise. Their role is not to make decisions but to provide their relevant knowledge, experience, critical thinking and analysis to help the business management team make more informed decisions.

While a seat on an advisory board carries fewer legal liabilities, it’s not a responsibility to be taken lightly. Joining an advisory board is a serious commitment that takes dedication, discipline and ongoing education. But it’s also your chance to make a real impact, to share your wealth of knowledge and ideas, and to help shape the future of business.

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Most professionals are at one of the following stages in their advisory career. Where are you now?



You’re thinking about starting a professional advisory or consulting portfolio, and you may already be doing some informal work in this area.

You are exploring different options for your next corporate role or project.



You have recent senior leadership experience and you’re keen to help other business leaders benefit from your experience.

You’re looking to build strong professional networks outside your current sector with a view to a portfolio career in the future.



You have significant business leadership experience and are looking to share your knowledge and experience with others.

You are familiar with governance structures and you acknowledge the value of continuing professional development.

Quick guide to key roles.

Most advisory boards are made up of three key roles:

The role of the chair is to establish and facilitate a formal advisory board structure that will support effective advisory board outcomes. This may include:

  • Establishing a new advisory board structure
  • Evaluating existing advisory board structures for effectiveness and best practice
  • Facilitating advisory board planning and meetings
  • Contributing value-driven insights and advice
  • Mentoring the business owner or executive

Our Certified Chair™ Executive Program is the only globally developed executive programme for the advisory sector.



External advisors are selected for their knowledge and experience to solve problems, explore options and help shape strategic direction. Their role may include:

  • Contributing value-driven insights and advice to achieve the outcomes outlined in the charter
  • Working within the organisation’s approved guidelines to effect strategic introductions and advocacy.

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Internal directors and stakeholders are directly linked to the business – often founders, directors, CEO’s, lead investors and other senior executives. They are also responsible for:

  • Establishing (or disbanding) an advisory board
  • Making the business decisions
  • Following through on their commitments and implementing plans.

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