New Zealand

With strong industrialised growth, New Zealand has transformed into a highly diverse economy that can compete globally.

New Zealand Overview

Greatly reliant on international trade, the primary sector dominates its export activity. With many free trade agreements already in place (the largest with China for meat, dairy products and pine logs), continuing to expand New Zealand’s network of agreements remains a top foreign policy priority.

Its manufacturing industry includes wood and paper products, metal fabrication, food manufacturing and aluminium production.

The New Zealand dollar also circulates in the Pacific Island territories.

Landscape and growth

Global State of the Market Report

In 2020, the Advisory Board Centre mapped professionals currently serving on Advisory Boards.  This assessment identified over 9,500 professionals on Advisory Boards in New Zealand and has projected a 127% growth for the market in New Zealand.

New Zealand’s Advisory Board Landscape

Research has identified that the Advisory Board sector is emerging, and Advisors exist as a profession in New Zealand. As an emerging sector, Advisory Board professionals may have opportunities in key sectors, including high-value manufacturing, information and communications technology, and tourism – and are encouraged to stay open-minded to start-up and emerging industries.

There is a growing opportunity for professionals to increase participation in New Zealand, by formalising Advisory Board structures and collaborating on a global scale. As this sector grows, it is important to note that best practice credentials will shift the market from informal to formal Advisory Boards over time.

Future Growth Opportunities

With a strong small business sector, Advisory Boards will play a critical role in supporting the growth of the business mid-market in New Zealand. Given the size of the professional services sector, firms and dedicated professionals appear poised to drive this value in the market.

Key Statistics

Population 4.917m
GDP 206.9bn (USD)
Labour Force by occupation
GDP by sector
Import 59.6bn (USD)
Export 62.4bn (USD)
Global ease of doing business rank 1st (easiest)
Global ease of doing business score 100/100