Best Practice for Advisory Boards Program

The Advisory Board Centre’s management program – Best Practice for Advisory Boards is a research-backed and evidence-based program focusing on the practical frameworks and knowledge needed to understand best practice in how advisory board operate.

Build Your Advisory Board on a Strong Foundation

The real value of advisory boards comes from combining best practice in structure, facilitation and access to quality, fit-for-purpose advisors. Accordingly, these sought-after disciplines led to establishment of The ABF101: Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™ (ABF101), which has been developed and overseen by the Advisory Board Centre, with the oversight by the Global Research Council and the independent Best Practice and Ethics Advisory Board.

This group program is delivered within your organisation and is ideal for the advisory board manager, sponsor and the management team including key stakeholders in governance and communications.

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What to expect from the program?


The Best Practice for Advisory Boards Program is delivered as an internal program, tailored for your organisation.

  • Foundations of advisory boards and how they work within the landscape of decision makers including governance boards and executives 
  • Understanding stakeholders and methods for communication and engagement 
  • Understanding roles and responsibilities at the board room table and the ethical differences of consulting and advice 
  • Advisory boards management in corporate environments – evaluating their structure, reporting, management protocols, cadence for meetings and formalised review processes.   
  • Managing the Charter and Ethical Code of Conduct. 
  • Managing the secretariat function and information including advisory board member agreements, reports, data accuracy, minutes and distribution/communication channels. 

The program also includes: 

  • techniques in managing stakeholders at the advisory board 
  • tailored relevant case studies relating to corporate and public sector advisory boards 
  • discussion on scenarios and ethics relating to government/public sector advisory boards 
  • Support resource templates 
  • needs evaluation/assessment 


The flexible design of advisory boards allows for application in many areas including:

  • Organisations exploring an advisory board for the first time
  • Organisation seeking to enhance, transition or redefine existing governance frameworks
  • Governance Boards seeking to implement or enhance their advisory structures


Are you ready to put the framework into practice?

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