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Published 17 March 2023

The Advisory Board Centre is pleased to sponsor the Certified Chair™ Best Practice Community for Aged Care with its inaugural meeting held this week. The Royal Commission into Aged Care, Quality and Safety recommended the implementation of advisory bodies for Quality Care and Consumers. The Aged Care Sector is grappling with many competing priorities including these regulations for advisory bodies to be implemented by the 1 December 2023.

The Advisory Board Centre Aged Care Best Practice Community has been established to create a benchmarking and a knowledge-sharing environment where advisory body structure and implementation strategies are shared amongst practitioners. Intuitively the Aged Care Advisory Board in 2022, oversaw the development of frameworks for Aged Care Providers to implement. Now with early case studies, Aged Care Certified Chairs are at the forefront of implementing best practice.

We are at an important juncture where Providers are starting to focus more on the regulations and what it means for existing structures, in particular the role of Clinical Governance frameworks and the new requirements for quality advisory bodies.

Lynn Bailey, Chair of the Best Practice Community


The ACCPA State Conferences will include panels of Aged Care Certified Chairs, leading industry discussions on how to go beyond compliance and implement cost effective, practical and impactful advisory board structures.

Lynn Bailey continues, “There will be many structural and governance considerations on how they will work across the sector. This will not be an easy task as tension exists when the sector is financially constrained. It will be imperative the constructs are practical in nature to fulfil their function. We are looking forward to robust discussions at the State ACCPA Conferences across Australia in the coming months.”


Thank you to our Advisory Board Centre Members in the Aged Care Sector for leading the discussions.

Panel Facilitators: Cynthia Payne, Toby Hall, Lynn Bailey and Louise Broekman.

Discussion Leaders: Rowena Vnuk, Julie Timmins, Rachael Pandeli, Manish Sundarjee, Jo Hanlon, Maureen Kennedy, Louise Green, Paul Ronis, Dmitry Shibanov, Kevin Andrews and Carolyn McSweeney-Grant.


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