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Published 29 April 2024

At the Advisory Board Centre, we embark on a journey of discovery with each professional we encounter, asking a simple yet profound question: Why do you want to participate in advisory boards? It’s a question that reveals the diverse motivations and aspirations of lifelong learners and curious minds like you.

Some are seasoned experts, clear on their mission and impact. Others are at the dawn of their advisory board journey, exploring where their curiosity and expertise may lead. Amidst this diversity, common themes emerge, shedding light on the driving forces behind advisory board engagement.

Our team at the Global Research Council helped me dive deep into the data to explore the core themes that emerged among the 400+ professionals from various regions that completed a discovery session with us in 2023.

Pursuing Purposeful Engagement

For many, advisory boards offer a platform for purpose-driven engagement, a chance to contribute meaningfully to organisational growth and societal impact. These professionals seek to prioritise their time towards ventures that align with their values, where their efforts are both valued and valuable. They crave the thrill of tackling intriguing challenges alongside like-minded individuals.

Driving Strategic Growth and Innovation

A common theme among advisory board members is the desire to drive strategic growth and innovation within organisations. Many express a keen interest in leveraging their expertise to support organisations to develop and execute effective strategies that propel growth and innovation. It’s this focus on delivering practical value and impact, that makes advisory boards so valuable within governance systems. For advisory board professionals, emphasising their proficiency in strategy development and operational translation, highlights the importance of combining strategic skills with operational execution to create shareholder value.

Fostering Leadership Development and Mentorship

There is a strong commitment to fostering leadership development and mentorship initiatives within organisations. Advisory board professional help cultivate a new generation of leaders equipped with the skills and insights necessary to navigate complex business environments successfully. Advisory board chairs specifically note their leadership coaching and mentoring expertise, emphasising the importance of stakeholder engagement and cultural design in leadership development.

Driving Financial Excellence and Operational Efficiency

Optimising financial foresight and operational efficiency remains a steadfast goal for advisory board members. They leverage their acumen to maximise organisational performance, steering discussions towards initiatives that drive business growth and transformation.

Promoting Sustainability and Digital Transformation

In the age of digital disruption and environmental awareness, advisory board members champion sustainability and digital transformation. They understand the need to integrate sustainable practices and digital technologies beyond mere compliance, propelling organisations towards advancement in an ever-evolving landscape.

Championing Organisational Transformation and Cultural Change

The pursuit of organisational transformation and cultural change emerges as another prominent goal for advisory board members. These leaders aim to foster environments of continuous improvement, stakeholder engagement, and adaptability. Driven by curiosity and committed to processes that enhance critical thinking and collaboration, these professionals are driven to add value in advisory boards to achieve optimal outcomes.

Join the Journey

So, why do you want to participate in advisory boards? Perhaps you resonate with these sentiments, or maybe your motivations are yet to be uncovered.

Whether you are already providing board level advice, or there is a view to increase your engagement and impact at a board table, I invite you to embark on this journey of discovery with us.

Let’s explore how advisory boards can amplify your impact and ignite your passion for lifelong learning.  The time we spend together can help you to sharpen your focus and build your plan to create a robust and impactful board portfolio.

Brendan Logue

General Manager - Advisory Talent

As Advisory Board Centre General Manager – Advisory Talent, Brendan leads the market in supporting the connection between experience, professional development and aspiration to advance the participation in the advisory sector.

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