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Published 27 February 2024

Brendan Logue

General Manager - Advisory Talent

As Advisory Board Centre General Manager – Advisory Talent, Brendan leads the market in supporting the connection between experience, professional development and aspiration to advance the participation in the advisory sector.

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As I approach the milestone of 20 years in professional work, predominantly in Talent, it’s a fitting time for reflection on the journey so far and anticipation for what lies ahead.

In the maturely developed world of corporate Talent, my work encompassing specialist, executive search and board placement, followed a linear path. The focus was on presenting carefully selected qualified candidates for opportunities with client organisations or strategically nudging in-demand executives towards their next career steps.

However, as work itself undergoes transformation, so has my view and approach to Talent. Today’s leaders seek something different from their work, and the nature of board and executive engagement reflects this change.

In my role with Advisory Board Centre, I have the privilege of daily interactions with global leaders and aspiring advisory professionals. Through our deep-dive discovery sessions, individuals are provided with dedicated time and space to not only reflect on their professional journey but also to envision their future impact on the market.

From a US-based VP of a global consumer brand seeking a portfolio career to a tech entrepreneur transitioning into advisory roles post-exit, the spectrum of aspirations is broad and diverse.

Intrigued by these insights, I turned to our team at the Global Research Council to delve deeper into the motivations shared during these discovery sessions.

Despite the diversity of backgrounds, a few core themes emerged among the 400+ professionals from various regions that completed a discovery session in 2023.

Professional Development and Lifelong Learning

The rapid incorporation of advisory boards in stakeholder engagement introduces a new value proposition for the model. Shifting from a linear view of the supply chain to customers and stakeholder ecosystems encourages mutually beneficial collaboration. This is an exciting shift in the market and management models and one to deeply consider.

The value of investing in a formal program forms part of my future planning so I can be board ready and transition from full-time employment.


Adding Value to Organisations

There is a well-articulated commitment from respondents to adding value to organisations through their advisory roles- contributing their skills, insights, and strategic thinking. They see themselves as strategic partners capable of offering insights, guidance, and support to drive growth and navigate challenges effectively.

I feel at this time in my life, I have never been better equipped to offer assistance and hopefully value to a mutually attractive organisation.


Contributing to Governance and Leadership

There’s a strong desire to be actively involved at a board level with a commitment to contributing to governance, leadership, and strategic decision-making processes within organisations.

I have seen how disparate the quality of governance is across emerging economies and I would like to play a role in improving Board oversight in this general region, and beyond.


Transitioning or Expanding Career Opportunities

Professionals are exploring advisory roles as a means to transition from current roles or expand their career horizons. Future ambitious were diverse and varied based on the individual’s desired portfolio approach, such as increased executive leadership responsibility, starting consultancy businesses, joining advisory boards, or pursuing board director roles.

I am looking to step up in my current corporate role to act as an advisor to my Global Executive Leadership team. Learning more about advisory board best practice will help in developing my leadership abilities even further.


Aligning with Personal Values and Goals

Respondents cited alignment with personal values, goals, and aspirations as key reasons for considering certification, seeking roles that are meaningful and fulfilling. A passion for mentoring, supporting, and empowering others, particularly entrepreneurs and business leaders, was evident in responses.

I gain the most satisfaction in helping executives individually and collectively appreciate their own ability to lead their organisation to achieve.



Reflecting on these motivations, it’s clear that professionals are carving out new paths in their careers, driven by a multitude of aspirations and fuelled by a commitment to continuous growth and impact. The Advisory Board Centre stands ready to support professionals at every stage of their journey, offering a vibrant community, resources, and networking opportunities.

The advisory board sector will continue to attract diverse talent, each contributing their unique expertise and perspectives to shape the future of organisational leadership and governance. If you envision yourself in this space, reach out- I’d be honoured to take you through the discovery process.


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