What is a Certified Chair™?


Published 21 July 2022

A Certified Chair™ is an advisory board professional who is a current member of the Advisory Board Centre and has obtained Certified Chair™ credentials to support organisations with the evaluation, implementation and facilitation of board and committee structures.


Certified Chair™ is an exclusive credential issued by the Advisory Board Centre for advisory professionals that have completed the Certified Chair™ Executive Program. Access to the program is via a selective application process including an evaluation of the participant’s professional background, motivations, aspirations and suitability to positively impact organisations at a board level.

What does a Certified Chair™ do?

A Certified Chair™ is equipped to help organisations in several ways:

Strategy & Governance Evaluation

Certified Chairs™ support organisations to gain clarity on their key priorities and advisor engagement options. This can include an objective review of current structures and an evaluation of options such as mentoring, 1:1 strategic advisory, internal/external committees, formalised advisory boards and/or governance boards.

Advisory Board Implementation

Many organisations will be starting or formalising their advisory structures for the first time. A Certified Chair™ is well versed in the value of building a strong, best practice foundation for your chosen structure to ensure it is aligned with your organisational priorities and needs. This includes the ABF101 Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™ and other guiding requirements that may be applicable to your organisational needs and operating environment.

Board & Meeting Facilitation

Ensuring that a meeting runs smoothly and efficiently are the basics of Chair facilitation. A quality Certified Chair™ takes this deeper by encouraging active involvement from the meeting participants to maximise the value of the time and resources dedicated to the meeting. A Certified Chair™ is keenly aware of the board’s scope and agenda and aims to create an environment where critical thinking, robust discussion and value transference occur.

How can I find a Certified Chair™?

Only individuals who have completed the Advisory Board Centre’s Certified Chair™ Executive Program are authorised to use Certified Chair™ credentials. If you are working with a Chair, ask about their credentials and professional development activities that assist them to remain current in their skills and market knowledge.

How do I become a Certified Chair™?

Supporting organisations at a board level is a serious undertaking and may not be suitable for everyone. It requires skill and experience combined with the motivation to add value and positive impact to the organisations you serve.

Successful Chairs can come from any professional background or industry. Organisations value Chairs that are active in the market, current in their networks and invested in their own learning and development.

As the developers and custodians of the Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™, the Advisory Board Centre is the sole organisation authorised to deliver authenticated education and resources globally for the Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™ and Certified Chair™ credentials.



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