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Published 21 November 2023


Executive development in global business is not just an aspiration but a necessity in order to stay ahead. Our Certified Chair™ Executive Program has long been a beacon of distinction in the advisory sector, a program that is delivered across the globe and has left an indelible mark in markets such as New York, LA, London, Singapore Dubai and Australia.

As the advisory board sector continues to evolve at a rate of knots, we share some observations and market insights from our recent meetings, events, programs and conversations in Singapore, London, and Dubai.


This global hub is known for its vibrant economy and business-friendly environment. As the gateway to Asia and a strategic base for many multinationals, Singapore is abound with accomplished business leaders. The commitment we witnessed of individuals looking to enhance their expertise and market value continues to grow as board-level professionals look to up their game.

Whilst in the country, we engaged with diverse Singaporean interest groups providing valuable insights into the local business landscape. Louise Broekman, Founder of the Advisory Board Centre, comments that “there’s huge potential in Singapore for the advisory sector for a number of reasons. One of the key shifts we are seeing is as a result of a recent regulatory change. Independent directors (on governance boards) are now capped at a 9-year term – beyond that they are no longer seen as independent. As the governance sector more broadly continues to formalise, best practice credentials are poised to shift the advisory board market to the next level. Business leaders are not only turning to advisory boards as a way to diversify their portfolios but they are investing in best practice education to ensure they are engaging in an ethical and proper way. Independence is a key pillar of a best practice advisory board so we are keeping a beady eye on regulation and how this will influence the way governance structures continue to be used by businesses.”

We are seeing a maturing of the family office sector in Singapore as funds and families are increasingly deciding to call Singapore home. The application of advisory boards in this space is a trend gaining significant momentum.

We are also humbled to be connected with the active and dynamic start up and scale up ecosystem in Singapore.  It is a regional leader in innovation, funding and has an unparalleled access to the broader regional market. A sector not to be ignored!



London, a city synonymous with opportunity and innovation. This was where we spent some time earlier this month, connecting with the growing UK and European community of Certified Chairs™. The program we delivered attracted participants from Poland, Andorra, Greece, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and the United Kingdom. A diverse group with such rich experience that were hungry to dive into learning the skills, and leveraging the resources and frameworks, needed to establish, chair and facilitate the kinds of advisory boards that drive results.

The UK and European advisory sector, accounts for 23% of the global market. Our members in this part of the world are a powerhouse community helping shape the future of advisory boards in a strategically significant market. As best practices become the norm in the UK, opportunities abound in key sectors, in particular healthcare and pharmaceuticals, energy (and the transition to cleaner technologies and solutions) and SMEs.

Despite some media sentiment being quite negative, in terms of economic outlook in this region, we were pleasantly surprised by the level of commercial activity and optimism we encountered. Planning for 2024 and beyond is well progressed, investment decisions are being discussed and international expansion is back on the agenda.



We finished up in Dubai in mid-November, a hub of economic diversification in the UAE. Leaders from across the region including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Switzerland and Sri Lanka, dived deep into the application of advisory boards within corporate environments, government, investment and family offices. Central to the visit was a Boardroom Event at the Dubai Capital Club within the DIFC, where we discussed the role of advisory boards within the region with key business leaders.

As the agenda of economic diversification matures across the region, effective and specific advice is being sought from almost all sectors. Changing the fabric of economies is no small feat and the hunger and openness for new thinking and advice is refreshing and humbling.


2024 and Beyond

As we cast our gaze toward 2024, we remain dedicated to expanding the reach of best practice worldwide and have an extremely positive outlook for the sector. The excitement continues with programs in North America, Asia, and Europe and with the ever-evolving economic landscape, the Certified Chair™ Executive Program stands as the compass guiding professionals toward excellence.



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