Fujitsu appoints Toby Hall to Advisory Board

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Published 14 April 2022



As a structured and collaborative method, an advisory board is an incredibly powerful tool for organisations to harness external experts to gain new insights and advice to solve business problems or explore new opportunities by stimulating robust, high-quality conversations.

As one of Australia’s leading IT service providers, Fujitsu has identified an outstanding growth strategy through 2025 that will uncover creative new ways to bring innovation and critical thinking to what they do and how they do it. In order to solve their customers’ challenges, Fujitsu understands they need to connect their people with ideas and thought leadership from individuals with unique experiences and perspectives.

To that end, Fujitsu has taken the discerning step of forming an advisory board. Graeme Beardsell, CEO of Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand remarks, “Appointing an advisory board is one way that we can engage with experts across a variety of industries to explore different business opportunities and collaborate, as well as validate new ideas.”

With this announcement, we are so pleased to share that Certified Chair™ Toby Hall has been chosen by Fujitsu to join this special advisory board. As Group CEO for eight years at St Vincent’s Health Australia, Toby has extensive experience in business development and is a leader in the hospital, health and aged care industry. Congratulations Toby!

How do I become a Certified Chair™?

Supporting organisations at a Board level is a serious undertaking and it may not be suitable for everyone. It requires skill and experience combined with the motivation to add value and positive impact to the organisations you serve.

Effective Chairs can come from any professional background or industry. Organisations value Chairs that are active in the market, current in their networks and invested in their own learning and development.

As the developers and custodians of the Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™, the Advisory Board Centre is the sole organisation authorised to deliver authenticated education and resources globally for the Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™ and Certified Chair™ credentials.