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Published 14 February 2024

Direct from Silicon Valley – Advisory Boards and Your Company

Advisory Board Centre Founder Louise Broekman recently spoke with Shawn Flynn, US based Investment Banker and host of The Silicon Valley Podcast. The Silicon Valley Podcast features high value conversations with global business leaders sharing knowledge and wisdom that is unmatched anywhere else in the world.  In addition to this episode with Louise, recent guests have included:

  • Jim McKelvey Co-Founder, Block (formerly Square)
  • Melanie Perkins CEO & Co-Founder Canva
  • Avram Miller Co-Founder, Intel Capital

Dive deep into the world of advisory boards and corporate governance with Louise Broekman

Here’s a breakdown of the intriguing topics covered in the conversation:

Introduction to Louise Broekman’s Career

Louise provides a brief overview of her career journey, highlighting key milestones and experiences that have shaped her expertise in the field.

Understanding Board Dynamics

We start with the basics, exploring how boards are set up and the distinct roles each member typically plays within the boardroom.

Differentiating Observer, Consultant, and Advisor Roles

Louise clarifies the differences between observers, consultants, and advisors in the context of a board, shedding light on their respective contributions.

Enhancing Board Member Skills and Continuous Improvement

Discussing the importance of continuous improvement, Louise shares valuable insights on how individuals can enhance their skills to become more effective board members or advisors.

Compensation for Advisory Board Members

Louise addresses the compensation aspect, explaining how advisors typically get compensated for their time and expertise.

Positive Impact of Advisory Boards on Company Performance

We delve into the positive changes expected in a company when an advisory board is performing optimally.

Key Distinctions between Private and Public Company Boards

Louise outlines the key differences between serving on private boards versus public company boards, providing valuable insights into each setting.

Barriers to Joining Large Public Company Boards

Exploring potential barriers, Louise discusses qualifications that might hinder someone from joining the board of a large public company.

Creating Diversity Within Boards

Louise shares insights into the process of creating diversity within a board and its significance for effective decision-making.

Success Stories and Impact of Strong Advisory Boards

Louise shares a compelling success story where the presence of a strong advisory board led to significant positive outcomes for a company.

Evolution of Advisory Boards and Future Trends

Reflecting on the evolution of advisory boards, Louise discusses emerging trends and future projections for the role of advisory boards.

Challenges for Startups in Managing Advisory Boards

We explore unique challenges faced by startups when establishing and managing advisory boards.

Assessing Advisory Board Effectiveness and Governance Best Practices

Louise provides valuable advice on assessing advisory board effectiveness and optimizing board structures for governance best practices.

Practical Steps for Aspiring Board Members

Closing on a practical note, Louise offers actionable steps for individuals aspiring to serve on a board in the future.

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