Roger Phare is our first FABC!

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Published 05 April 2022


As the advisory board sector matures, recognising experienced professionals who are making a difference in this space is imperative to bolster the confidence of our community and raise the standard of the sector at large.

As part of our fifth birthday celebration, we launched the Fellow Program, an exclusive community of accomplished and endorsed Certified Chairs™. By becoming a Fellow of the Advisory Board Centre, our Chairs will be recognised in the advisory board community by way of the post-nominal “FABC”, and be invited to participate in exclusive collaboration forums which will have a direct influence on best practice methodology and models. This is our chance to provide the recognition these outstanding individuals deserve for their leadership in best practice for advisory boards.

As such, it is with great pleasure that we announce our first Fellow to be welcomed into the program, Certified Chair™ Roger Phare. A highly experienced professional with significant international experience, Roger currently Chairs five advisory boards and is an advisor on three more. His expertise covers all aspects of organisational leadership, sales and marketing management, strategic planning, business process improvement, and solution sales within fast-paced leading-edge technology environments.

With a market-driven approach, Roger has helped organisations throughout Australia, the UK, and New Zealand. Marketing and sales are his primary drivers, however, Roger has also had significant executive and regional directorship experience and responsibilities. He has served as an executive, non-executive, and advisory board member for multiple operations and provided expert advice on growth and exit strategies, structural operations, and communications.

Roger shared his thoughts on being the first to join the FABC community: “This program ensures the continual development of the advisory board Chair. The Certified Chair™ course is a fantastic launch pad into the world of advisory boards, and the FABC program will add further value with peer input into key areas such as board structures, sponsor/founder relationships, maintaining focus, and other opportunities and challenges faced in the world of advisory boards. I am personally looking forward to contributing and benefitting from the program.”

Thank you Roger for your dedication to raising the standard of the sector as a Certified Chair™ and advisory board professional.