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Published 08 March 2023

The Advisory Board Centre is pleased to announce Pedersen & Partners as our newest strategic partner.


This partnership recognises Pedersen & Partners’ commitment to best practice and ethics in the advisory board sector. In addition to their highly effective and trusted board services, as Pedersen & Partners continue to build out their advisory board service across their extensive global footprint, stakeholders can be assured of their market-leading commitment to raising the standard of the advisory board sector globally.

As the corporate agenda develops and volatility becomes a constant feature of the business landscape, advisory boards present a practical and effective way for organisations to confidently make decisions and chart a course forward.


“Pedersen & Partners is a future-focused partner with which the Advisory Board Centre are thrilled to be aligned. Their demonstrated commitment to best practice and ethical engagement in the advisory board sector is a meaningful point of difference, representing an enduring benefit for their clients and stakeholders. With an active footprint in over 50 markets worldwide, we are excited to work with Pedersen & Partners in supporting their rapidly growing advisory board practice.”

Udo Doring, Chair and Director of the Advisory Board Centre



“With over 22 years of ‘on-the-ground’ presence in emerging and developed markets, Pedersen & Partners has grown together with our clients, and we aim to deliver value and impact for our partners. We are delighted to launch this partnership with the Advisory Board Centre to address our clients’ increasing need to strengthen and complement their corporate governance structures with agile and ‘fit-for-purpose’ advisory boards, allowing them to advance their strategic objectives.”

Mark Paviour, Global Head of the Board Services Practice at Pedersen & Partners



“In the increasingly complex governance environment being faced by corporates, high-growth companies and disruptive challengers, advisory boards can help to manage risk and/or maximise opportunity. The Advisory Board Centre promotes best practices in their set-up and application and therefore, is an ideal partner for our firm.”

Andrew Thomson, Certified Chair™ and member of Pedersen & Partners’ Global Board Services Practice


About Pedersen & Partners

Pedersen & Partners is a leading global executive search, leadership consulting and board services firm, focused on finding key talent for our clients across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. By listening more closely to our clients, we seek to bring a different perspective to each engagement, and our values of trust, relationship and professionalism underpin this. We go “beyond the obvious” and aim consistently to deliver value-creating outcomes.

Our Global Board Services Practice Group has a strong presence in local markets, an in-depth understanding of governance issues and trends, and an international network of experienced consultants. We understand the need to create a meaningful balance between best practices, company cultures, and local governance requirements, as we serve clients across the private, public, not-for-profit, and NGO sectors in making key board appointments and delivering against critical Board advisory mandates.

Pedersen & Partners advises organisations in the following areas:

Board Advisory:

  • Board & CEO Succession Planning
  • Advisory Board Consulting & Planning

Board Appointments:

  • Chair, Chair of Committee & Non-Executive Director Appointments
  • CEO and Executive Director Appointment Process Definition & Execution
  • CEO and Executive Director Succession Planning
  • Advisory Board Chair and Member/Advisor Appointments

About Advisory Board Centre

As the leading professional body for the advisory sector, we work collectively with our members to raise the standard of the global advisory sector – driving value for professionals and the organisations they serve.

Authenticity is our anchor in the work we do. From supporting the global advisory sector with a principles-led best practice foundation and Chair certification, to the joy that comes from sharing knowledge with others – our actions and words are congruent with our beliefs and values.



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