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Published 03 June 2024

The rise of the advisory board sector globally has been marked today with the announcement of the launch of our affiliate – Advisory Board France.

Driven by demand, diversity and localisation, the Advisory Board Centre as the global professional body recognises the power of collaboration in creating a robust and well represented advisory board profession around the world.

The Advisory Board Centre commenced its research mandate in 2012 and launched the world’s first professional body in 2017.  It currently operates with members in over 29 countries with key hubs in Asia, Middle East, Australia, United Kingdom & Europe and the Americas.

To truly support a global market, we recognised the needs of diversity in members, in particular culture and language.  We also recognise language has no borders. French is spoken around the world by over 320 million people.

Advisory Board France is a collaboration with Certified Chairs, Stéphane Benoist (FABC) and Jérôme Chasques, who are experienced advisory board professionals, bringing best practice methodology and ethical frameworks to the French speaking world.

We care deeply about the impact of best practice and the development of this sector.  This is an important step in our 100-year strategy to build strong foundations for the future.  To maintain quality standards, the Advisory Board Centre and Advisory Board France will work closely together in quality executive education, reciprocal membership exchange and collective market intelligence.

-Louise Broekman

Udo Doring, CEO of the Advisory Board Centre and Chair of Advisory Board France’s own advisory board states, “Collaboration and alignment is key in building a robust global eco-system for the sector.  As this sector continues to grow, it requires careful balance of global perspectives and localised context. But not by borders. This unique collaboration represents an ecosystem that thrives in enabling advisory boards to be as fluid as language, wherever you are.”

Advisory Board France co-founders, Jérôme Chasques and Stéphane Benoist, add, “We recognize the critical need to foster the concept of Advisory Boards among SMEs and within larger organizations. Supported by the unmatched expertise of the Advisory Board Centre and its team, our training sessions are designed for independent professionals expanding their Advisory roles, transitioning professionals, project leaders and senior executives from larger organizations, aiming to boost their strategic impact across various sectors.”

This model is vital in today’s complex, global, and regulated business environment —a landscape in which French leaders find themselves more in need than ever. We are committed to evangelizing the benefits of Advisory Boards to French-speaking executives.

-Jérôme Chasques and Stéphane Benoist

About Advisory Board France

Advisory Board France is a collaboration of Advisory Board Centre and Certified Chairs, Stéphane Benoist and Jérôme Chasques.  Advisory Board France welcomes all French Speakers from around the globe.

Advisory Board Centre and Advisory Board France is an exclusive alliance to enable best practice methodologies and ethical frameworks to be delivered to French Speaking professionals globally.

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French language speakers are invited to join the upcoming Certified Chair™ Executive Program sessions in Paris on:

9th – 10th July, 2024

18th – 19th September, 2024

For more information:

Advisory Board Centre:   Udo Doring [email protected] +44 7392 935 328

Advisory Board France:  Jérôme Chasques [email protected] +33 6 86 36 81 46



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