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Published 05 October 2020

The ABF101 Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™ has been carefully developed to respect and support the balance required between purpose, people and process to create a strong foundation for advisor engagement.

The ABF101 Framework is based on five key principles –clarity of scope, independence and fit-for-purpose, measurement, structure and discipline.

Let’s explore the “Measurement” principle.

Advisory Board Best Practice Framework



Having the clarity and confidence to set out how the impact of the advisory board will be measured is a benefit to the organisation and the advisory board members. A holistic approach can be taken to best practice evaluation of the advisory structure to identify the value derived from the advisory board and its alignment to purpose, people and process.

Within the ABF101 Framework, the Measurement and Structure and Discipline principles underpin the Advisory Board’s PROCESS section. Within this, the Measurement principle states “The Advisory Board is measured on an ongoing basis for impact and organisational alignment.”

One example of an impact measurement tool for advisory boards is the growth score developed by the Advisory Board Centre. It can be used by organisations and advisory board Chairs to evaluate organisational priorities and capacity for growth. Used on an annual basis (or more frequently in times of change or volatility) the Growth Score provides an objective framework to facilitate best practice conversations regarding the Advisory Board’s impact and alignment.


When are Organisations Starting Advisory Boards

A purpose-driven advisory board should, by design, drive an impact for the organisation. Due to the inherent flexibility of advisory boards, defining the intended impact and measurement will be unique to each organisation.

The Advisory Board State of the Market Report identified that organisations start advisory boards at different points of their growth journey – and for different reasons.

Stage that businesses set up an Advisory Board


The ABF101 Framework provides a balanced approach to advisory board establishment and facilitation. It recognises the balance necessary for defining a purpose that is unique to the organisation and applying good governance of people and process.

Importance of Measurement for Organisations

  • The advisory board has clearly articulated goals to measure performance
  • The advisory board maintains focus
  • Impact of the advisory board can be validated
  • Impact and alignment of intent and outcomes achieved
  • The advisory board can adapt to the organisational needs

Importance of Structure and Discipline for Advisors

  • Members are clear on the priorities of the organisation
  • Members stay focused
  • Members can articulate and validate where they add value


  • Impact measurement is conducted in the establishment phase with articulated goals for the shift in measurement
  • Annual impact assessment measures the organisational result compared to the goals
  • Re-evaluation of goals is in line with the organisational needs
  • Re-evaluation of the Advisory Board and its members

What’s the next step?

A well-crafted, comprehensive advisory board charter can outline the measurement elements that are tailored to the advisory board scope and organisational needs

Advisory board Certified Chairs have undertaken specialised development to assist organisations to evaluate their options and develop advisory board protocols, including a Growth Score impact measurements that can support high-performing advisory boards.

If you are a business and would like to tap into this and learn more about how advisor engagement could benefit your business, email: [email protected]

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ABF101 Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™