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Published 04 September 2020

Advisory Board Centre forms the Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Forum to explore Industry challenges and opportunities.

The global manufacturing and supply chain ecosystems have been among the hardest hit sectors by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Companies are looking to build resilience in their manufacturing and supply chain and build capacity to respond rapidly to future shocks.  Future-focused Organisations are also seeking new ways to capitalise on opportunities by harnessing increased collaboration and innovation.

The Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Advisor Specialist Interest Forum (MASC) was formed in August 2020 as a working party designed to provide a:

  • Road map for problem solving
  • Market Considerations
  • Evaluate the supporter ecosystem
  • Ethics Consideration

The MASC Forum is chaired by Mary Goodwin, Certified Chair and includes leading Advisors across all industries and sectors to explore and ideate on practical pathways to increase resilience, collaboration and innovation on both a local and global level.

The Advisory Board Centre released the Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Forum Report, Building Resilience – Global Foresight for a Changing World, following the Forum meetings and Industry Consultation Sessions.

Global Advisory Community Engagement

The Forum included two working session with the global advisory community to explore the foundations and ethical considerations for addressing both constraints and growth factors for businesses.  These sessions were open to Advisory Board Centre professional members.

Meeting 1 – Foundations 

Meeting 2 – Ethics in Application

Industry and Stakeholder Consultation

Industry leaders and market stakeholders including Government and Regulatory authorities, suppliers and customers were invited to share their views with the Advisory Board Centre Manufacturing and Supply Chain global panel to explore how to build resilience and increase collaboration within the sector.  Industry consultation included a survey and an Industry Consultation meeting featuring Captains of Industry.


Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Forum

Mary Goodwin

Certified Chair

Mary is a collaborative strategic procurement leader with deep experience across Government, Manufacturing, Resources and Financial Services. Track record in delivery of outcomes in procurement transformation aligned with organisational strategy and passionate about making a positive difference to organisations, particularly to the top and bottom line.

Her experience includes strategic procurement and Advisory roles within Australia and overseas for organisations in both the private and public sectors.   For over 20 years, Mary has led transformation and strategic procurement initiatives for including organisations including Incitec Pivot, Infosys Portland, Pacifix, Suncorp, Stanwell Corporation and Local and State Government Departments.