Innovative concrete manufacturer Eifers appoints Angie Hammond to Advisory Board

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Published 23 January 2023


With nearly two decades of experience running her own marketing consultancy, Garnish, and seven years of mentoring, Certified Chair™ Angie Hammond has a keen understanding of the commercial market and a profound ability to successfully launch products into a specific industry. Angie’s dedicated and enthusiastic approach to scaling manufacturing businesses through the adoption of strategic marketing principles has fostered her passion for helping businesses refocus, enter new markets, and grow sustainably and substantially.

In December 2022, Angie was appointed as Commercialisation Advisor for Eifers, an opportunity advertised through our Advisor Concierge service, to aid them in commercialising innovative construction services and materials in its next three-year period for national growth.

Founded in 2003, Eifers is a family-owned Australian company with an agile and innovative approach to civil construction. Now focusing primarily on civil construction and critical infrastructure works, Eifers stands apart by being experts in time-critical concrete, providing services to public and private sector clients across industries and environments utilising materiality, machines and methodologies to complete works faster and safer.

Angie, congratulations on your board appointment, we are so proud to have you as part of our community and know you will thrive as you support Eifers in its next stage of growth!

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