Launch of the Drawing Board Series

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Published 02 October 2021

Published: 02 October 2021

Proudly brought to you by the Global Research Council, every two months from October 2021 the Drawing Board Series will showcase Executive Summaries developed by our research team based on International Academic Journals. It is core to our living research mandate.

This forum will be updated with each summary as it is released, and provides you with the opportunity to continue the conversation from each Drawing Board session, sharing your feedback and insight. Your comments will contribute to practitioner guidelines with credit to you. This is your chance to be a part of living research!

Executive Summary Series

Join this discussion group in exploring the key findings of A-Class Journals and articles of note in two key areas:

  1. Advisory Boards; and
  2. High Growth Potential and Good Governance

How does the Drawing Board Series work?

  • Prior to the session, please download the Executive Summary
  • During the event, the research team will explore key themes
  • Members will provide insight and feedback to contribute to practitioner guidelines
  • Participants will be recognised in the finalised summaries

Research Team

If you’re an Advisory Board Centre member, you can  📥 download these summaries and join our discussions on Advisory Board World. For membership inquiries, please CONTACT US.