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Published 17 November 2022

Louise Broekman

CEO & Founder, Advisory Board Centre

There is no shortage of information about our world today – a polycrisis, with many facets and implications.

In business and on boards, it is difficult to navigate decisions with confidence. A bit like a rollercoaster ride, some will love the thrill of opportunity and others will churn in fear and vulnerability. So, keeping ourselves in check and how we approach the years ahead will be up to each of us individually.

As in any period of uncertainty, we must be prepared for both opportunity and risk to confront us at any time. To navigate this, I think it starts with the choices we make on how we view such events. There are a few options, but I am going to focus on two.

  1. We can take a pessimistic view of 2023 as volatile. With no control, we react to the conditions around us. OR
  2. We can take an optimistic view of 2023 as variable. We consider and develop a planned approach or framework to enable us to respond to the conditions around us.

Over the next few weeks, we will be thinking about our approach for the year ahead.  Fortunately, we have gained insights into more than 1,000 organisations for whom we have supported the development of their advisory board structures. As well as tapping into an incredible advisory board community spread across twenty-three countries to gain an understanding of what businesses and boards are doing to proactively plan. Soon I will be sharing with you some key trends that may be useful in a practical way to navigate 2023. Below is a sneak peek (with more details to come)…

  • Harness talent – refocus from “in-demand” employees to “on-demand” resourcing
  • Invest in sprints – focus on 90-day planning and project advisory boards
  • Digi-scape your business – maximise systems and look at your data management carefully
  • Collaborate – with employees, clients, and suppliers. The stakeholder economy is real
  • Peak brain performance – personal leadership starts with our health. 2023 demands our match fitness!

What trends do you see for 2023? I would love to know…after all, collaborations start here.



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