2022-2023 Advisor Engagement & Rates Report

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Published 26 August 2022


The advisory board sector is growing and maturing as more organisations look to leverage flexible and scalable governance structures to support their strategic objectives. In August 2022, we released our 2022-2023 Advisor Engagement & Rates Report, with data obtained from surveys and interviews of our global advisory community to understand how they structure their advisory engagements and rates, portfolio mapping, and more.

Members can get exclusive access to the full report through their Advisory Board World portal.

How can you use this report?

The professional member community can utilise this report to gain a broader insight into the advisory sector by:

  • Reviewing your current rates schedule
  • Reviewing your proposal and terms
  • Evaluating your current portfolio of work
  • Evaluating how you position yourself in the market and with the businesses you serve


The Advisory Board Centre uses the information contained in this report and the underlying research data to inform the market on advisory boards by:

  • Providing market rate summaries on the value and cost structures of advisory boards based on report findings
  • Including summary information within the Advisor Concierge for business budget considerations
  • Providing market commentary in the annual State of the Market Report



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