2022 is Bold

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Published 19 January 2022

As we return to the everyday normal, welcome back and Happy New Year! I hope you are feeling refreshed after a well-deserved rest, wherever you are in the world.

As 2021 came to an end, I, like many others, started to think about what the year ahead would look like. With three key themes, I’ve made some observations about how I believe this new year can serve and inspire us all. As you read this, I ask you to be the judge – do I have a clear lens, or am I looking through rose-coloured glasses? I’ll go short and sharp.

💡Alfresco Business

We, for the most part given Omicron, have our freedoms back and are determined to never waste or underappreciate them again. I believe the craving for experiences will flow into the way we do business – as a colleague, as part of a team, as a company, and in our interactions with other businesses. This will start with the creation of new rituals – perhaps business meetings outdoors? We are looking for fresh experiences as professionals, and we now have the creative license to do things differently and the market will pay more for a better experience. Businesses will focus on being hybrid to de-risk bubble pandemic activity, and to continue the new habits we’ve formed in a virtual setting.

💡In the War for Talent, Talent has Won

For businesses, this notion considers collaboration with employees. We will see a rise in blended roles and teams – matching skills from Gen Z with experience from Baby Boomers, leveraging generational know-how in new ways. Younger entrepreneurs are strong in business, they’re good problem solvers, technologically savvy, not afraid to have a point of view, and know how to use other people’s money.

To streamline processes and personalise the customer experience, automation and blended technology must become a forefront focus. How we define business-to-business and business-to-employees is expanding; as collaborative ecosystems, the sharing of resources and opportunities when resources are scarce will reshape.

Don’t forget to portfolio everything!

💡Fake it till you Make it is Out

Social ethics in business decision making will be the additional lens to making good decisions. Expectations of transparency will rise in highly regulated sectors (such as aged care) as people look for genuine quality in a brand. Branding and marketing strategies will need to follow this path, replacing old tactics with quality storytelling – focusing on making your story count. It is important to establish boundaries in personal and business ethics – in my space, that means being careful about what comes out of your mouth.


So back to you – clear lens or rose-coloured? Either way, I choose to take an optimistic view and mindset. And for me, 2022 will be about being bold…

How will you be bold in 2022?