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Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Project Advisory Board Report Released

Report calls for targeted support to assist businesses to build resilience in supply chain.

The global manufacturing and supply chain ecosystems are under tension trying to maintain business as usual while navigating the “4 C’s” – COVID-19, Corporate Social Responsibility, Climate Change and Consumer Behaviour.

As a call to action, the Advisory Board Centre established the Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Project Advisory Board, with a 90 day scope to explore strategic support required to elevate what is often a tactical discussion to a boardroom imperative to build resilience and drive performance in the sector.

Companies are looking to build resilience in their manufacturing and supply chain and build capacity to respond rapidly to future shocks and gain momentum with moonshot thinking.

Rapid political developments, technological advancements, a shift towards consumers buying niche products and global pandemics have revealed the weakness that lies at the heart of the current model of manufacturing and supply chain.

The Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Project Advisory Board  included living research gathered from 65 advisors with global expertise and industry consultation with Captains of Industry and key stakeholder groups representing over 60,000 businesses.  The Advisory Board Centre has released the Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Project Advisory Board report Building Resilience – Foresight for a Changing World to capture the key outcomes of the research and its importance for businesses, the advisory community who support them and the wider collaboration ecosystem.


Advisory Board Centre Founder and CEO, Louise Broekman, said that the report was a valuable foundation piece for business owner and boards to enable wider discussion.


The true value of research is realised when it is used to stimulate fresh thinking, robust discussion and informed action. We encourage those with an interest in the manufacturing and supply chain sector to use the report content to build conversations that are meaningful for you.” – Louise Broekman, Advisory Board Centre Founder and CEO


As the professional body for the global advisory community, the Advisory Board Centre recognises the valuable role of strategic Advisors to provide independent advice and drive critical thinking at a board level to lift end to end discussions about manufacturing and supply chain from operational to a strategic imperative for business owners and directors.

By harnessing the collective intelligence of the global advisory community, we can empower boards with thinking systems that support strategic foresights and informed decision making.

The Project Advisory Board included living research, interactive meetings to road-test results and a Captains of Industry panel featuring global leaders driving results in some of the world’s leading organisations.



The Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Project Advisory Board report Building Resilience – Foresight for a Changing World is available for complimentary download.


About the Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Project Advisory Board

The Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Special Interest Forum was formed by the Advisory Board Centre as a project based Advisory Board to explore the constraints and opportunities within the sector. Commencing in August 2020, the Project Advisory Board was chaired by Mary Goodwin, Certified Chair.  Utilising the ABF101 Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™ as a foundation, the Project Advisory Board included global representation across industries and areas of expertise to provide diversity of thinking and robust discussions regarding sector constraints, opportunities, collaborators and ethical frameworks.

The Project Advisory Board hosted a Captains of Industry thought leadership panel to share global insights for the Manufacturing and Supply Chain sector.  A recording of the session is available below.




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