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The Advisory Board Centre is the global leader in executive education designed to enhance the confidence, knowledge and skills of advisory professionals. The aim is to add significant value from Advisors on Advisory Boards or in individual engagements to support broader strategic outcomes.

Our vision for our programs is to provide professionals with a challenging learning environment where they can listen to evidence-based ideas, share their own experiences and insights and deepen their relationships so they gain practical ideas and renewed confidence in their professional capacity.

Practical, Value Driven Executive Education

Making a difference at a board level requires a combination of meaningful experience, practical knowledge and robust curiosity to provide insight in the current operations and foresight into future direction.  Advisory Board Centre programs are designed for executives seeking new ways to deepen their knowledge and deliver their value. 

Our programs are research backed, focusing on global-first models and frameworks designed to inspire critical thinking and raise the standards of the Advisory Board sector through practical, value driven learning.


Executive Insights include self-paced online learning programs, webinars and round table discussions.

Executive Transitions to Portfolio Career Program 

The Executive Transitions to Portfolio Career program supports executives moving into a portfolio career for the first time.  You will explore what’s involved, how to assess the market and manage your expectations and needs. This self-paced program is on-demand and globally focused.  You will have access to video lessons with a powerful mentoring panel to provide real stories on how to manage a portfolio career.  This course supports you in gaining clarity and focus in your portfolio career. 

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Webinars & Events

Discover the latest information and up to date topics from leading voices in the Advisory community.
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Advisory Board Technical Foundations™ Program

This Executive level micro-credential supports those seeking to build their knowledge and understanding of the Advisory Board sector and how Advisory Boards technically work. It also includes access to the ABF101: Advisory Board Best Practice Framework and guidelines to apply in practice. The program includes a practitioner panel who share real case studies in applying the foundations in practice. 

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Certified Chair Executive Program

The Certified Chair Executive Program™ is essential professional development for senior executives, directors and professional services providers to master the world-class standard for best practice in Advisory Boards and Committees.

The Certified Chair Executive Program™ is the only executive education globally developed specifically for the Advisory sector. During the program, you will build on your current skills and knowledge to deliver new value in your portfolio to support the chairing of Advisory Boards, Executive Committees, Councils or Board level meetings. 

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As the professional body for the global advisory sector, we are dedicated to advancing best practice and creating meaningful impact- for organisations and the professional advisory community.

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