Greg Solomon

Hong Kong

Greg Solomon is an actuary who has lived in four countries and has been based in Hong Kong for over a decade.

For most of his career, Greg worked in reinsurance. During this time, he specialised in product design, actuarial pricing, capital and risk management, wellness & biohacking, market expansion, and B2B business development. His final corporate role was being responsible for the growth and profitability of a global P&L.

In the last couple of years, Greg has been running his own independent actuarial consulting business, and doing work as a mentor, an adviser, and chairing advisory boards. They say that an actuary who is only an actuary is not an actuary, and this has been reflected in Greg’s work. During his corporate career, he was active in selling, strategy, team building, copywriting, presenting at conferences and writing numerous papers.

Greg loves solving problems (which is partly why he plays Chess), loves distilling situations down to their true essence (hence choosing the Electric Bass Guitar over other instruments), he’s not scared of fighting hard for his clients (and was on the national team for Korean Karate), and loves to write (so developed the #HashtagYourLife system of story-based life enhancement skills). Greg strongly supports diversity, inclusion and equal opportunity.