Ganesh Chidambaram

Hong Kong

Ganesh’s vision is to help create a more equal, equitable and inclusive world for his daughter to grow into. In his role as an Advisor and Coach, he aspires to achieve this impact by helping his clients gain clarity of their values and purpose, to gain conviction in their decision making and be effective ‘doers’.

Ganesh supports businesses and leaders as their thinking partner and helps them strike a balance between short-term priorities and long-term impact. He is their co-pilot in navigating the complex and dynamic business environment and assists them achieve their aspirations.

Ganesh is driven by a sense of curiosity and adventure and over the last two decades has worked in the Consumer, Healthcare and Financial Services industries across India, Singapore, France, United Kingdom and Hong Kong. By virtue of this diversity, he brings together a powerful combination of commercial acumen, financial management skills and coaching expertise in service of his clients.