What is the Advisor Concierge?


Published 30 May 2022


The Advisory Board Centre is an independent industry group dedicated to helping businesses engage with advisors effectively. The Advisor Concierge is a complimentary service offered to businesses, executives or boards to identify their current situation and scope out if improvements could be made with expert and independent advisor engagement.

Research conducted in the State of the Market Report found that in the last two years, 88% of business owners have sought independent support to gain clarity on what they needed – including advisor options. The Advisory Board Centre developed the independent Advisor Concierge service to support business owners, executives and boards to access an independent and complimentary service to improve their access to advisors.

The guided process involves:

  • A confidential discussion with the Advisor Concierge to identify your key priorities and advisor engagement options;
  • Scoping an Expression of Interest to detail your needs and high-level profile of your preferred Chair and/or advisor profiles;
  • Facilitated connections directly with a pool of highly qualified and interested Chairs and/or advisors for further discussions.

The Advisor Concierge service is highly beneficial to a business looking to establish or expand an advisory board or engage strategic advisors.

Why do businesses use the Advisor Concierge?

The primary reason businesses use the Advisor Concierge service is to go directly to the leading professional body for the advisory sector for an independent, confidential sounding board to explore their priorities and options. From this, businesses gain benefit from connecting with highly-qualified, professional members of the advisory community that they may not normally be able to access through their own direct networks.

Does the Advisor Concierge “sell” advisory boards or consulting services?

The Advisor Concierge is an education process- not a sales tool.  Our role is not to sell Advisory Boards.  The Advisory Board Centre does not provide any consulting services directly to individual businesses through the Concierge.

The Advisor Concierge supports you in gaining clarity on your key business priorities and educates you on your Advisor engagement options.  We do no charge any fees for this service and we do not receive any placement fees, commissions or rebates from you or our professional members through the Advisor Concierge service.

Is the Advisor Concierge a board placement or board recruitment service?

The Advisor Concierge is a facilitated connection service. Often, we work closely with executive recruiters or board services to support them in their search by connecting them with our professional members. We do not directly provide a fee for service or a percentage of placement Board recruitment or placement service. We support businesses and boards to connect with the independent Advisory community to improve their advisor engagement. Any selection, due diligence, and engagement are directly between the individual businesses and member.

I want to learn more about advisory boards but I don’t want to use the Advisor Concierge. What other options are there?

The Advisor Concierge is beneficial for businesses or organisations that are ready to take action. You may not be there yet- and that’s okay.

We encourage you to explore the free articles on the website. If you want more formalised professional development on advisory boards, you may wish to undertake the Advisory Board Technical Foundations micro-credential. Click here to access the eLearning program including full program overview.

Still have questions? Learn more about our Advisor Concierge Service or contact us directly.

The Advisory Board Centre provides membership, certification and best practice training for board Chairs and advisors. When you are engaging strategic advisors in your business, look for certification.


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