How Much Does it Cost to Access the Advisor Concierge?


Published 30 May 2019

How Much Does it Cost to Access the Advisor Concierge?

The Advisory Board Centre offers the Advisor Concierge as a complimentary service and does not take any fees from advisors; this includes kickbacks, rebates or loyalty bonuses. Learn more about the Advisory Board Concierge service here.

Our members contribute a flat rate annual fee for access to the Advisory Board Centre research, resources, events and member communication. Businesses have access to our advisors through the Advisor Concierge service and are not required to pay a membership fee.

If there are any questions throughout the process, we are here to offer support to both businesses and our advisors on best practice. However, any fees associated with the advisors are negotiated directly between the business and the selected Chairs and advisors.

Still have questions? Visit our Fundamentals or contact us directly.

The Advisory Board Centre provides membership, certification and best practice training for board Chairs and advisors. When you are engaging strategic advisors in your business, look for our certification.