Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Research | Advocacy | Professional Excellence

Collectively we raise the standard of the global advisory sector - driving value for professionals and the organisations they serve.

The Advisory Board Centre provides research, advocacy, credentials and professional development to support the advancement and adoption of best practice Advisory Boards.

Our Values

The Advisory Board Centre is an impact organisation. We strive to make a positive impact for our stakeholders in areas that align with our purpose and values. Within our wider environmental, social and governance frameworks we take a ‘do no harm’ approach to the areas that may be outside of our direct impact or influence.

Focus on Impact

We apply considered and critical thinking about the impact (encouraging positive and minimising negative) in everything we do in leading the global advisory community and the contributions to organisations of all sizes and stages.

  • Conscientious pursuit of excellence
  • Experiment and Innovate at speed
  • Rigour and relevance


Principles Led

We maintain focus on the spirit of who we are and the quality of the decisions we make.

  • Diversity of thought and experience
  • Demonstrated authenticity
  • Ethical engagements


Global Village

We think big, but stay deeply connected by embracing our community spirit.

  • Collaborative entrepreneurial spirit
  • Visionary optimism
  • Freedom in a framework

Connecting Businesses and Advisors

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