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Insurance Advocacy by the Advisory Board Centre

Published: 23 August 2021

Code of Ethics (update) | BPG207 Best Practice & Ethics Guidelines: Good Governance (new) | Assurance Statement (new)


With the monumental growth of the Advisory sector over the last two years (as evidenced in our recent 2021 State of the Market report), it has become more important than ever that we step up as leading Advisors and engage in good governance and best practice in our Advisory engagements. With a lack of formal regulation, ethics and self-regulation through best practice is crucial to support the maturing of the professional Advisory sector.

As the global body for Advisory Boards and Advisors, we are advocators for the industry and agitators of change. As such, we are proud to release a series of documents for you, our members, to provide a basis for good governance. This series includes:

  • an updated Code of Ethics
  • brand new document for Best Practice in Good Governance Guidelines
  • an Advocacy Statement to the insurance industry; and
  • an Assurance Statement which you can use to provide to your insurer

Through extensive research and practical experience, our Global Research Council and the Best Practice & Ethics Advisory Board have remapped the Code of Ethics to be in line with our ABF101 Best Practice Framework. You will be able to use these documents to inform in your engagements at a board level, educate insurers and businesses around these must-have best practice credentials, as well raising awareness in the wider market as the sector matures.

If you’re an Advisory Board Centre member, you can 📥 download these documents on Advisory Board World. For membership inquiries, please contact us.

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Global Research Council
The Global Research Council’s mission is to improve the application of Advisory Boards by undertaking analysis of scientific research and collaboration activities. By providing a knowledge-sharing platform for academics to research this field, it creates access for best practice practitioners, governance board Directors and thought leaders for the benefit of all.