Achieving Scale

Breaking Through Barriers for Female Founders

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Advisory Board Centre Female Founders Research Report


Achieving Scale : Breaking Through Barriers for Female Founders

Research Overview

This report is designed to identify and understand barriers to scale and the challenges in scaling a business for the individual owner and the resource considerations for the business.

The findings in this report are based on a four phased approach to data collection, insight development and case studies in 2019 and 2020.

Individual respondents are drawn from across Australia and include 200 initial Founders and business owners in 2019 and 125 Female Founders in 2020.  Participating Female Founders annual revenue scaled from pre-revenue to $200m.

The report is designed to provide value to key stakeholder groups with an interest in entrepreneurship and business growth including:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs and existing Founders to consider the decisions they make.
  • The support ecosystem to understand the importance of their role in advancing Women in business including:
    • Funders and Investors
    • Business Groups & Incubators/Accelerators
    • Professional Service Providers
    • Advisors & Directors
    • Government
    • Personal Supporters

Research Partners

The Advisory Board Centre is dedicated to evidence-based approaches to clearly identifying the problem and discovery of approaches that will unlock value.  The research program is designed to understand and uncover trends and opportunities to unlock the “scale factor’ for business owners.

This national research project is proudly supported by Australian Government Landing Pads, Queensland Government Advancing Women in Business Initiative, Advance Queensland and Mullins Lawyers.



Media & Commentary

For additional information regarding the report, including media releases and presentations, please contact:

Jan Easton

Advisory Board Centre COO & Female Founders Program Lead


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