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My Advisory Board came at a pivotal time for my business – Abbey Cameron, CEO Nourish’d


My Advisory Board came at a pivotal time for my business.

Abbey Cameron, Co-Founder and CEO of Nourish’d, is on a mission to improve the health of Australians, one delicious meal at a time.  With an innovative approach to recipe creation and service delivery, Nourish’d has been on a high growth trajectory for several years – but the journey has not always been easy.

The Nourish’d that exists today has been over 6 years in the making – from living in her parent’s house on one small salary, to coming three weeks away from closure twice, hiring & firing and the emotional toll of redundancies, regularly wanting to quit and go back to a ‘real job’ – all the things that make ‘success’  truly what it is.

Today Nourish’d is a 7 figure business, on a fast track to 8. The business is 100% family owned, with no debt, and a team of 10 (currently hiring for two more).

In September 2019, Abbey participated in the Advisory Board Centre Female Founders program with Advance Queensland to gain a deeper understanding of support options for her high growth business.  Fast forward to March 2020 and with the support of Advance Queensland through the Female Founders program, Abbey was ready to implement an Advisory Board.

“When we began the process of putting our Advisory Board together we were really in a pivotal moment in time – literally that first introductory meeting with Jan Easton and our Advisory Board Chair David Nash, was the first day that COVID made a significant impact on our business. All of a sudden we had grown 60% overnight, and our steady creep towards the next stage of business had been rocketed into reality,” Abbey said.

The rapid growth of the business meant that directions, strategies, and realities that had seemed far off discussions now needed to be had, and had fast, to ensure that not only the solid foundation Abbey and her team had built over the past 6 years still held up, but that Nourish’d would also build on it at this intense rate.

Reflecting on her Advisory Board journey so far, Abbey is grateful for the positive impact on her business.  “Less than half way through our first year with our Advisory Board and we can already see significant benefits – having people to challenge our thinking, support our decisions with educated and insightful input, and work with us to bring some of our more unconventional ideas for the brand to life has given us a level of confidence we really needed.”

The Nourish’d Advisory Board is chaired by David Nash, a Certified Chair and former CFO and Head of Transformation for Collins Foods.

“The Female Founders Advisory Board Program is a wonderful opportunity to provide Advisory Board support to break through leaders in Queensland.  Nourish’d is an organisation with a very important vision – “To have real and positive impact on the health of humans”.  I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to support Abbey as she brings her inspirational vision for Nourish’d,” David said.

The Female Founders Advisory Board program is an initiative of the Advisory Board Centre and Advance Queensland.  The program is designed to support innovative and high growth potential Female Founders on to scale their business and maximise growth and employment opportunities.

Jan Easton, Advisory Board Centre COO and Female Founders Program Leader said that Abbey Cameron and Nourish’d are inspiring examples of strong female-led businesses.

“As an innovative and healthy meal delivery service, Nourish’d was well placed to benefit from an increased demand during the COVID lockdown period.  Being able to access the support of the Advance Queensland Female Founders program meant that Abbey and her team were able to be supported through this high growth period, and ensure that they had the right advice to navigate rapid changes for their business.  Their growth has flowed through to increased employment for Queenslanders. “



About Author:

Jan Easton
Jan Easton is a founding member of the Advisory Board Centre and Chief Operating Officer for the global network. She is a Certified Chair and leads the Women on Boards and Female Founders programs.