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The Advisory Board Centre is the global leader in executive education designed to enhance the confidence, knowledge and skills of advisory professionals. The aim is to add significant value from Advisors on Advisory Boards or in individual engagements to support broader strategic outcomes.

Whether you are just starting your pathway to a portfolio career or you are a seasoned Executive operating at a board level, our programs a challenging and intellectually stimulating learning environment where you can build new knowledge, learn how to leverage your existing experience and deepen your influence to add value and impact to organisations at a board level.

Practical, Value-Driven Executive Education for Portfolio Professionals

Making a difference at a board level requires a combination of meaningful experience, practical knowledge and robust curiosity to provide insight into the current operations and foresight into future direction. The Advisory Board education programs developed exclusively by the Advisory Board Centre are designed for executives seeking new ways to deepen their knowledge and deliver their value. 

Our programs are research-backed, focusing on global-first models and frameworks designed to inspire critical thinking and raise the standards of the Advisory Board sector through practical, value-driven learning.

As the global leaders in Advisory Board education, you will find the quality learning experience you need wherever you are in your professional journey.


“Curiosity is one of the hallmarks of a great Advisor. Curiosity about the world around you, what’s going on in other industries and markets. When you combine curiosity with meaningful action that’s where you gain currency, which is another valuable advisory trait. You have to remain current in your knowledge and experience. That’s what the global advisory community appreciates about our programs- we’re feeding their curiosity and helping them maintain their currency to be be quality Advisors that add value and drive impact.” 

– Penny Ellenger, Advisory Board Centre GM and Certified Chair™

Executive Transitions to Portfolio Career Program 

Knowing when and where to take the next step for your Executive career is no longer a straightforward decision.   With the changing nature of work and a desire for more autonomy and influence, modern professionals are increasingly pursuing a portfolio career

A portfolio career is when an individual pursues more than one source of income source simultaneously.  Usually the individual applies their various skills to different types of work from consulting to advisory board roles, governance board work or projects/part-time work, creating a diverse portfolio of work and income streams.

For many professionals, a portfolio career is an attractive option. It can provide flexibility, variety, autonomy and earning capacity.  But how do you you actually build a sustainable portfolio of work?  It takes time and directing the right effort into the right activities.

The Advisory Board Centre has supported professionals across the world to explore their options and build a practical pathway to a portfolio career.  We’ve captured that learning into the Executive Transitions to Portfolio Career eLearning program to help you focus your energies to build a sustainable portfolio of work.  This self-paced program is on-demand and globally focused. 

Who is this program designed for?

This program is designed for professionals who are considering a portfolio career or have recently started their journey. It is valuable for anyone in a period of transition, including those that may also be seeking to return to work in a full time, interim or project based capacity.  This program is also valuable to expats who may be returning to their home country after gaining global experience and are seeking to re-establish local networks and opportunities.

What will I learn?

You will explore the different types of engagements within a portfolio, how to assess the market and manage your expectations and needs.  The program includes activities to help you map your markets to develop a personalised plan to turn your ambitions into action.   During the program, you will have access to video lessons with a powerful mentoring panel to provide real stories on how to manage a portfolio career, challenges and tips for fast-tracking your results.  This course supports you in gaining clarity and focus in your portfolio career. 


Start Building Your Portfolio Now

Advisory Board Technical Foundations™ Micro-Credential

The 2021 State of the Market Report estimated that there are more than 660,000 active Advisory Boards worldwide. As the formalised Advisory Board sector matures, there is a responsibility to ensure first-class frameworks exist, that participants are educated in effective and ethical engagement and that businesses are board-ready.

The Advisory Board Technical Foundations program is an executive-level micro-credential to support those seeking to build their knowledge and understanding of the Advisory Board sector and how Advisory Boards technically work.  It also includes access to the ABF101: Advisory Board Best Practice Framework and downloadable Best Practice Resource Guide library to apply in practice.

Who is the program designed for?

The Advisory Board Technical Foundations™ Program is designed to support professionals in a variety of applications including Advisory Boards Advisors, Business owners or executives looking to engage an Advisory Board, Committees, Steering Panels and Working Groups, Service Providers, Incubators/ Accelerators, Investors/ Venture Capitalists.

This program is effective professional development for Professional Services providers or individuals who may engage at a board level in a professional capacity and meet continuing professional development requirements.

What will I learn?

The program includes a comprehensive overview of the global foundation to best practice in Advisory Boards – the ABF101 Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™.  You will explore how to engage with best practice at a board level including tips and scenarios from a practitioner panel who share real case studies in applying the foundations in practice. 

You will also have access to the downloadable Best Practice Resource Guides to support you in activating your learning in your work.


Learn Advisory Board Best Practice


Certified Chair Executive Program

As a Certified Chair™ you will guide the organisation leaders to evaluate, establish and facilitate a best-practice, independent Advisory Board structure and meetings.  The role of the Chair includes being a trusted sounding board for the Business Owner, Executives or Directors.  You will actively participate and add value to Advisory Board discussions, draw out the best in others around you and support the organisation to gain the insight and foresight needed to support their strategic priorities.

Who is the program designed for?

The professionals who undertake the Certified Chair Executive Program™ have deep experience and strong networks, underpinned by a commitment to invest in their own professional development to remain current and relevant in the market.  The Certified Chair Executive Program™ has been designed to help facilitate this pathway and also provide valuable connection opportunities with like-minded peers.  The program is designed for Board level professionals, Non-Executive Directors, Senior Executives and Professional Service providers that provide advisory services.

What will I learn?

The Certified Chair Executive Program™ is a 12-month professional development journey that includes a learning intensive followed by ongoing professional engagement with a global peer network to help you activate your knowledge and deliver value in your portfolio.  The learning intensive is fully instructor led and globally accessible.

Learn More About Becoming a Certified Chair™


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