Webinar – CSR – who Informs the Decision-Makers?

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Webinar – CSR – who Informs the Decision-Makers?


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About This Webinar

Leaders are today placed under greater weight of expectation than ever before to champion CSR in their organisations.Corporate Social Responsibility – and taking it seriously – is a key performance indicator of the authentic and sustainable success of an organisation and its decision-makers.

So who informs the decision-makers?

Carolyn Grant


Carolyn Grant is an author, founder, managing director, advisor and perpetual student of human and organisational behaviour and neuroscience. Carolyn works with organisations to drive team performance and mitigate risk with tools and frameworks founded in neuroscience.

Author of the Legacy Leadership book – the emergence of a new model of leadership after more than a decade of crisis. And the People + Science Boardroom Psychological Safety Benchmark 2020 -2021 (Aust).

With a focus on the people side of the organisation, Carolyn provides valuable insights to assist leaders prioritise actions that create positive impact for employees, customers and stakeholders. With an approach that always starts with an assessment and always finishes with habits and tools to assist in continuous improvement.

Carolyn is educated in marketing, financial markets, commerce, retail management, neuroscience of leadership, communications, customer centricity. Expertise gained in industries such as manufacturing, retail, energy, professional services, banking and finance, not for profits, membership organisations, government.

Marc Allen

Marc is a chemical engineer with over 20 years’ experience. Since 2007, he has been specialising in sustainability and climate change in Australia and Singapore. He is currently Technical Director and Founder of engeco, a Singapore and Perth based consulting company that helps businesses identify and analyse their exposure to climate change risk and develop climate change strategies using a scenario based approach to examine potential physical and transition risks. He has significant experience in decarbonisation and energy strategies – including renewable energy studies, hydrogen development, energy efficiency and large scale abatement and offsets for carbon emissions. He is a Certfied Board Chair with the Advisory Board Centre and recently completed the AICD Company Director course.


08 Mar 2022


11:30 am - 12:30 pm

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