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“Advisory Boards are about the future – what’s going to happen and how can we steer the organisation in the right direction? It’s very optimistic, blue-sky thinking that is bursting with energy and enthusiasm.  Harnessing the power of Advisory Boards is often transformational for the organisation and the individual business owners and executives.   To be able to capture that and have these really sophisticated but humble conversations with the finest minds is so powerful.” 

Louise Broekman, CEO Advisory Board Centre



Demonstrate Your Market Currency with the Certified Chair™ Credential

The professionals who are considering the Certified Chair Executive Program™ have deep experience and strong networks, underpinned by a commitment to invest in their own professional development to remain current and relevant in the market. The Certified Chair Executive Program™ has been designed to help facilitate this pathway and also provide valuable connection opportunities with like-minded peers.

Where this credential will add value

You have demonstrated experience as a professional Advisor, Advisory Board member or as a Non-Executive Director

You have significant experience operating in the most senior of business roles

You have a stable source of income in your current portfolio and are looking for ways to future-proof your career

You thrive on sharing your knowledge in a way that is not restricted to the confines of traditional governance or consulting

You value your personal positioning and the calibre of your professional network

You are seeking increased credibility in the advisory space and wish to have structured frameworks to use when chairing Advisory Boards

You are seeking exposure to new thought approaches and collaborate with peers regionally and internationally

Where this may not add value

You are primarily seeking transactional lead generation, board placement or board recruitment

You have limited business experience or exposure at an Executive or Board level

You are unsure if professional development adds value to you or the organisations your work with

You do not currently have a well-rounded skill set that includes facilitation, coaching, mentoring or advising

Your current work satisfies all of your professional desires

You are seeking a “tick and flick” or cookie-cutter approach or off-the-shelf solutions

Results oriented and value driven support for your professional development journey.

The Certified Chair Executive Program™ combines the learning intensive and annual professional membership designed to embed best-practice knowledge and meaningful engagement.

The Learning Intensive

Your journey begins with the Certified Chair™ learning intensive – an instructor led, peer learning experience available in a virtual or traditional classroom setting. This includes:

Mastery of the ABF101 Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™ – the world-class standard for best practice in Advisory Boards and Committees

Deep dive into the practical applications of Advisory structures including startups/Scale-ups, Project based Advisory Boards and Corporatized Advisory Boards.

Tools and resources for Chairs to support “freedom within a framework” evaluation, implementation and facilitation of highly-effective advisory structures

Development of your personal Portfolio Engagement strategy including profiling and positioning

Research-backed and evidence-based content, resources & methodologies with practical application across your entire portfolio

Rights to use the Certified Chair™ badge usage for LinkedIn, email and other profiles

After the Learning Intensive – Professional Membership

Following the learning intensive, you will continue to be supported within your annual professional membership with:

A personalised portfolio review session to support you in crafting your unique value proposition, supported by a Board CV that truly demonstrates your impact

An active global network of highly curated peers who are deeply engaged and committed to the advancement and adoption of Advisory Boards

Access to exclusive, cutting-edge market intelligence through the Advisory Board Centre Global Research Council

Ongoing profiling and positioning opportunities through our exclusive thought-leadership and market engagement activities

Over 40 hours of continuing professional development including opportunities for peer mentoring and learning

A global community based on engagement. Invite-only Advisory Board Centre social media groups and online forum discussions

Exclusive access to offers and opportunities before the wider market


Your Professional Development Investment

$6200 AUD +GST

This includes:

Certified Chair Executive Program: $5,000 +GST AUD

Membership Investment (Year 1): $1200 +GST AUD

GST exemptions may apply to International delivery. Your GST exemption status will be confirmed during your application process.

Annual Membership Investment (Renewal): $990 +GST AUD


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Mark Veyret’s Experience

“I work 80% at present with PWC and 20% elsewhere and that’s part of a career transition for me, so I wanted to make sure I had the best practices and knowledge in respect to Advisory Boards and being the Chair of those particular boards. I searched the globe for the right qualification. I’ve done executive programs in four different universities, Harvard, NYU Stern, etc, but this one was the one that was actually ‘on purpose’. Not only did it make me job-ready, it was the only one around that I felt was of quality to do it.

I know I’ve been a good professional advisor, but that’s different when you’ve got to be on an Advisory Board and particularly if you want to chair it.”


Read the full story about who Mark is and what he does here.






Craig Manson’s Experience

“I’ve been at the C-level, MD level for about 20 years in the corporate world. Coming across the Certified Chair role really helped me understand how I could help fit inside the framework of advisors and business.

The journey has really been accelerated. I’m quite stunned at how fast it’s been. I’m chairing two [advisory boards] at the moment, and I’ve chaired four over recent time, It [The Advisory Board Centre Chair Certification] really helps me frame how I fit in and the real value I can add to organisations. I was chairing without the framework and I really felt that I needed some help. I could see gaps. I needed something to guide me. I needed that foundational piece.”

Read the full story about who Craig is and what he does here.



Supporting Organisations at an Advisory Board level is a serious undertaking.


If this program is aligned to your needs – book a confidential discovery call


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If you like what we’re doing, but this exact program is probably not the right fit – discover other ways you can get involved

Chairing Advisory Board may be very different to your current work.

Many Advisory Boards are run informally and participants may lack guidance for best-practice. Previously, there was no formal qualification needed to participate in Advisory Boards and we felt this was a missed opportunity. In response, we focused on empowering the sector by providing a world-class certification and principles-led best-practice framework which helps add needed structure to the wider advisory community. We are currently the only professional body that represents formalised Advisory Boards in the world.

Long-term Success

We’ve pioneered world-firsts in this space and take our role as the most credible and highest respected body very seriously. This position is something which is both critical to the long-term success of our organisation and something very evident when you meet fellow members.  Learn more about our Purpose and Values.

Balance Your Portfolio and Personal Risk

Professionals are carefully evaluating their personal risk exposure as Directors in the light of increased government regulation, politically charged and often dysfunctional operating environments combined with the ever-increasing insurance costs and penalties for compliance breaches. With the rising expectations and demands on Directors’ time to focus on compliance and risk, many seasoned Executives and Directors are growing weary of the lack of impact they are able to deliver at a board level.  Many feel that they are being pulled further away from how they best deliver value that is both beneficial to the organisation and the individual. As a Certified Chair for Advisory Boards, the engagement and resulting discussions are different as well as the associated risks.  Learn More

A Positive, Uplifting Experience

Certified Chairs comment how participating on Advisory Boards is typically a very positive, uplifting experience. Within a less politically charged environment where you are in direct contact with the business’ core decision-makers, you can be closer to the raw operations of the business and observe the direct result of your advice. Leverage your expertise and show how valuable your advice can be to an organisation while being supported with the necessary frameworks and methodologies we can help provide.

Our programs are delivered by facilitators who boast a wealth of real-world experience, connect and collaborate with the professionals who enroll, as well as bring rigour and exceptional insights to the table. We only work with the best.

Meet Louise Broekman

Louise is an award-winning Entrepreneur, Researcher and Business Advisor. Following the exit of her own business, which had a presence in 8 countries across the globe, Louise continued her involvement in the Advisory sector through Chairing commercial Advisory Boards for high-growth businesses, before starting her second business.

Louise has this unique profile where senior executive career experience intersects with academic research. Louise has the lived experience on both sides of the table; in the shoes of a Founder and that of a Chair of multiple Advisory Boards.

Louise’s commercial acumen coupled with her passion and commitment to researched-backed and evidence-based methodologies makes her an exceptional facilitator who provides remarkable insights and value to the Advisory community.

Louise has spearheaded multiple commissioned and collaborative research reports, business benchmarking studies and market trend analyses ensuring she remains current in the market and in touch with the latest developments across the sector. As an accomplished leader in the field, Louise is an in-demand speaker and is regularly called upon as the leading voice for Advisory Boards in the Asia Pacific region.

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Actionable Frameworks

The Certified Chair Executive program provides you with tested and proven frameworks that have been used at leading companies around the world which provide you with everything you need to be a successful Advisory Board Chair. Pragmatic, results-oriented body of work you can leverage.

Activate a Professional Global Community

Beyond credentials, our global community shares a common bond to deliver value and impact for the organisations they serve and the wider advisory community. They value deep connections and meaningful engagement – in group settings like our Advisory Village sessions and direct connections with other elite like-minded peers. From day one you will be able to actively tap into a very diverse community of Chairs, Advisors, entrepreneurs and technical specialists across all industries, skill sets and locations.

Two-way Participation

Starting from our very first interaction, you will see that active participation is not only welcomed but expected. From research to market engagement, to advocacy – our community of leaders step forward in the areas that matter most to them.  You are actively encouraged to participate in peer learning, research, special interest forums, speaking opportunities, study tours and summits where you can demonstrate your capability and thought leadership.

Formal Credentials

Solidify your experience by obtaining the Certified Chair credential. You will master the world-class standard for best practice in Advisory Boards and Committees. The Certified Chair Executive Program™ is the only Executive education globally developed specifically for the Advisory sector. During the program, you will build on your current skills and knowledge to deliver new value in your portfolio to support the chairing of Advisory Boards, Executive Committees, Councils or Board level meetings.



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