The support and advice that I have received from the Advisory Board has been invaluable.

Greg Kentish, CEO and Founder - Acacia Connection

Advisory Boards for growth.

"Since implementing the Advisory Board, my business has experienced 100% growth."

Acacia Connection is a boutique specialist provider of EAP services in Australia and New Zealand. Greg appointed an advisory board to provide a solid foundation and leverage points to support rapid growth.

The Acacia Connection story.

Greg Kentish, CEO and Founder of Acacia Connection, recently shared how implementing an Advisory Board has been instrumental in supporting his organisation’s rapid growth.

 Tell us about your Organisation.

We truly care about people and the quality of counselling that they receive, unlike some of the larger firms who are transaction focussed and commoditising the service. Acacia Connection recognises the importance of a high quality counselling service and its benefits to employees, not only at work but in their home life and the benefits to employees local communities.  Within our group of companies we provide a full range of services to support employers and employees in the workplace.

Why did you implement an Advisory Board?

Our business was experiencing solid growth but I knew there were more employers and employees that we could help.  I wanted to escalate the growth of the business without compromising on the quality of service that we offer.  We are proud that we have a 100% client retention rate to date and wanted to ensure that we were able to maintain the excellence in our business.  We are also quite innovative in our approach and I knew that our business would benefit from tapping into the expert knowledge and advice of other entrepreneurs.

What was the process you undertook to implement your Advisory Board?

I worked very closely with my Certified Chair for around 6 months.  It was very important for me that we got the structure and selection of Advisors right for my business.  I also knew that there were actions that I needed to take within the business to be ready to leverage the value of an Advisory Board.  I completed a Board Starter Program with my Certified Chair which provided me with an action plan and framework to move forward.   It is so important for the longevity and sustainability of the Advisory Board to have a clear framework in place.  The process included the selection of Advisors for the Advisory Board.  The time investment was well worth it as my current Advisory Board has been in place and operating successfully for 12 months.

How has having an Advisory Board benefited you as CEO and your overall Organisation?

Since implementing the Advisory Board, my business has experienced 100% growth.  Our growth forecasts remain strong and the outlook for our group of businesses is very positive.  The support and advice that I have received from the Advisory Board has been invaluable.  I meet with the Certified Chair on a monthly basis to remain focussed and clear on my business strategy and objectives.  The Quarterly Advisory Board meetings include the Certified Chair and Advisors.  These meetings are always so dynamic and outcomes focussed.  As an entrepreneur, I really appreciate that I receive great advice from my Advisory Board, but I am not bound by their recommendations.

I enjoy the structure and discipline of the meetings.  But I think one of the very best parts is the opportunity to work closely with Advisors who are successful entrepreneurs and business professionals who are willing to share their success, experience, connections and innovative thinking with me.


To learn more about how Acacia Connection supports employers and employees visit: http://www.eapcounselling.com.au/

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