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Advisory Board Best Practice Thinking Systems Support Entrepreneurship Innovation

An open letter from Advisory Board Centre Founder & CEO, Louise Broekman.

It’s no secret that I live and breathe Advisory Boards.

My enthusiasm and commitment to supporting the growth of the Advisory Board sector is directly linked to my own personal experience with how an Advisory Board changed the course of my own entrepreneurial journey. Almost 20 years later, I still consider the formation an Advisory Board for my previous business to be the best entrepreneurial decision I ever made. (You can read more about it here…).

Over the years, I have been proud to encourage and participate in professionalism of the Advisory sector by founding the Advisory Board Centre, the world’s first professional body for Advisory Boards.

This year, the sector takes another leap forward with the release of the ABF101 Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™.


Best Practice

Our advisory community is maturing with the market. The standards we set and the quality of how we work with organisations creates a new benchmark of excellence.

Together, we raise the expectations that organisations have of their external advisors. At the same time, we also raise the standard in how organisations operate, supporting them to improve their advisor engagement. As we lift both sides of the equation, we are driving a meaningful impact- for individuals, organisations and economies.


 “Collectively, we raise the standard of the global advisory sector- driving value for professionals and the organisations they serve.”


Building on over 15 years of research into business drivers of effective advisor engagement, we have developed the ABF101 Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™ as a foundation to our sector globally.

The ABF101 Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™ provides an effective path to support the business market and advisor community- locally and on a global scale.


Thinking Systems vs Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is designed with a process intent. It provides a valuable, of often repeatable, flow for HOW things work within an organisation.

An effective Advisory Board, built on a best practice foundation, is a thinking system. It is principles led and encourages critical thinking, curiosity, robust discussion and practical analysis of strategic intent to support the WHY (or “why not?”) within an organisation.


The ABF101 Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™ is purposeful, flexible and agile – just like the organisations the Advisory community serves.


ABF101 Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™

The Framework is designed to be flexible and capable of adaption to different organisations and situations.

The resulting methods and learnings can be quite surprisingly simple. We learn so much from the process on how to simply translate exchanges in multiple environments into overarching principles and guidelines. They can be incredible breakthroughs to achieve better results without constraint.

The ABF101 Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™ is not about red tape, regulations and procedures. It is about flexibility, enablement and harnessing the powerhouse of expertise to make things happen. Inherently it is purposeful, flexible and agile – just like the organisations we serve.

This sort of innovation is what the Advisory Board Centre is all about. So many of our best practice advances have emerged because of working hard to maintain a future mindset. For this reason, we are the global lighthouse for best practice in advisor engagement.


Thank you to the Technical Committee

The ABF101 Advisory Board Best Practice Framework™ will be publicly available in the coming weeks following the endorsement of the Joint Technical Committee which was formed to provide independent representation of the advisory sector.

The Advisory Board Centre wishes to acknowledge the participation of the Committee Members including Chairperson Janelle Van de Velde, Bernard Curran, David Epstein, Sandra Gamble, Nigel Hennessy and Stuart Allinson.

About Author:

Louise Broekman
Louise is an award winning Entrepreneur, researcher and business advisor. Louise has received recognition from Industry and Government at a local and national level for her contribution to the Australian business sector. She is an in-demand speaker and is regularly called upon as the leading voice for Advisory Boards in the Asia Pacific region.