Hong Kong Overview

Hong Kong is a thriving international marketplace within financial markets, port trade and their tax system. With a high skilled labour force, it is well known for its capability where investment and trade is maximised.

Its start-up community is also on the rise, with close proximity to Shenzhen, start-ups are specialising in eCommerce, Fintech, Software and Advertising.

Global State of the Market Report

In 2019, the Advisory Board Centre mapped professionals currently serving on Advisory Boards. This assessment identified that over 7,400 professionals are on Advisory Boards in Hong Kong, equating to 1% of the global Advisory Board market.

Hong Kong’s Advisory Board Landscape

Given the nature of the Hong Kong economy, supply chain is key. Advisory Boards have been well utilised with the Corporate and Supply Chain oversight. Several not for profit organisations who specialise in supply chain have Advisory Boards overseeing specific sectors and market segmentation including SMEs.

Future Growth Opportunities

With its global focus, corporatised Advisory Boards for multi nationals, and project based Advisory Boards for businesses operating within the region and those with international expansion strategies, will be on the rise.


Connecting Businesses and Advisors

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